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Top 10 Summer Fun Outdoors Ideas

Summer is our favourite season and we decided to share our best ideas for summertime activities with kids. Staying indoors is for sure not a top pick. All of those active fun ideas are very much enjoyable for parents too (as long as you are ready to get your hands and feet a little dirty). 

1. SPLASHPAD Our top activity for any summer day is SplashPad lounging. It is a safe, yet adrenaline loaded activity for the little ones. The kids are fully occupied while you can sit around and sip on some icy lemonade. Bonus workout for mommy - go and try out those awesome sprinklers yourself. What is there not to like?

Check out our favourite splashpads in Montreal, covered by Stroller Parking:

2. BUBBLES Bubbles are so much fun and easy to do for kids of all ages. Stock up on wholesale bubble soap in the beginning of summer so that you don't run out in the middle of the party.

3. PICNIC IN THE PARK Pack some snacks and head to the nearest…