Caught Up in Chaos

We decided to include a bunch of articles written by real moms - friends who we acquired along our parenting journey. This one is the first in the series, written by the lovely Clarissa Jane: a real-life mama with a real love for bags. You can have a look at her Insta page here:


I had been contemplating writing a blog piece for a lonnnnggggggg time. Since I was a kid, I've always enjoyed journaling. I even had a LiveJournal in middle school and then a Xanga account in high school. Does anyone remember those? OMG. Those were hilarious to read & write. I even printed my favorite LJ posts. Oh, the memories.

So, why this blog title? "Caught up in Chaos," to me, means that life (even if I haven't left the house in two or three days because being a mama to 2 under 2 means I'm always on the move) is never boring. It means that even when I get those moments where I'm caught up in the chaos and feeling completely overwhelmed by diaper changes, feedings, building houses with our Fisher Price mega blocks, folding laundry, and the list goes on - there are still beautiful moments in every bit of it.

“Caught up in chaos” means that I'm learning patience & grace. It means that I'm learning to let go of how perfect the folded clothes must be or how the toys must be put away, every night. Gosh, growing up, I was SUCH a perfectionist. I'm sure it was extremely difficult on my family, especially my parents. I remember rewriting the same E at least twenty times on a science assignment once; and it wasn't even a project!

But because of teaching (my former profession before becoming a stay-at-home mom), I learned that I couldn't control e v e r y t h i n g no matter how much I tried. I would actually drive myself crazy trying to. Every little thing I learned about myself as a teacher and in the classroom, I completely carry over into parenting. My former students taught me patience up the yin-yang. They taught me to laugh so hard that there's beauty in snort-laughs. They taught me to question things, to push the boundaries of my own imagination. They taught me to be me, not to be perfect.

Take it all in. Life is messy - breathe that mess in. Life is beautiful--soak in the beauty. Life is unplanned - enjoy it. If your life is chaotic, you're living. Sometimes, we just have to pull the thread a little bit more to reveal that chaotic beauty.

XOXO, Clarissa



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